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Minimum payout$100
Payment methodPaypal, Wire.
Payout rateNET 40
Pays forPPV, CPM, CPC, CPA

AdStract is a global video advertising network specializing in video distribution and monetization.
AdStract offers an advanced video ad platform that optimizes different campaign pricing models (PPV, CPM, CPC and CPA).

Adstract brings you the latest video content from top advertisers: viral videos, commercials, movie trailers, and much more.
We offer various commission models, and present the unique Smart Video Tag, which allows us to:

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Jane Dudley — November 6, 2011

The guys from Adstract are perfectly on spot…. Great rates for international campaigns as well as UK, US, DE and NL.
Check them out…

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Charles — November 13, 2012

I dont like this. If they cant give atleast 1 cent for 100 impression then surely they are not going to pay even 50 cents for 1000 impression. So for me its useless.

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